If you need gift ideas for that traveller family member, friend, teacher or even business associate- here are 12 great ideas. We all travel at sometime or another, even if it’s just a quick weekend away. To help their stress with traveling there are accessories to make their getaway easier. Ideas for easy packing, electronics, makeup and more.  Some of these ideas will make great filler stocking stuffers too!

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If you need help staying organized while traveling, here you go. Kevin and I do all our packing using these cubes. they come in all different sizes Large, Medium, Small and a slim line (I’m purchasing those myself right now)


EBags Motherlode Weekender. Basically anything from ebags is awesome! This bag is one of the best designed backpacks you will ever find for traveling!
If you are like Kevin and I we have all different accessories requiring all different cables and plugs. This little item is great even for young adults with all their technology gadgets!

To add a little style to your passport, these are so cute! And you can have them personalized.

Perfect bag when you need just a little extra room then just a carry on. Holds sturdy over your bag so you can move more freely.

This could be a great gift for that someone who needs help remembering everything to bring on a trip. Or order one for yourself!

This could be the gift that gives back to you. Know anyone traveling to a vineyard and you want them to bring a bottle home, or 2.

I just bought myself one and plan on using it for my next trip. Great for keeping notes omniscience’s where you have been (tours, restaurants, museums and more) Great hint: Get yourself a glue stick to go with it and you can use that to easily paste in items like brochures, maps, menus..whatever you want to be able to remember.

Great gift for anyone who travels. Pack extra shoes in, keep them away from clean clothes!

I love this! I found this toothbrush a few years ago and its a great little invention. One of those “Why didn’t I think of this”.
There is nothing worse then traveling and getting your hands sticky or dirty from touching something, or just needing a nice freshening from sweating! And not to mention needing something in case there is an unexpected spill that needs some cleaning up. These are great! They are thin washcloth material (not paper) scented. I bring them on every trip, throw a couple in my bag before heading out of the day. Here is the lemon scented, but they come in other scents too. They come in a box of 50 or 100. They actually will make great stocking stuffers for that traveller.

This makeup holder is great because you can configure the compartments to the size you need.



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  • Vibeke

    I love packing cubes they are so handy. I also always use a travel-toothbrush hehe, it is great. I always forget to bring or buy cotton towels and wipes. I hate getting sticky hands and it is a must after taking public transport. Thank you for sharing this list 😀 It is perfect 🙂

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