Big Island of Hawaii
Hawaii Part 2
Helicopter ride with great view of Hawaii!

The Big Island- Excitement, Adventure and Exploration

There has been delay in posting a new blog until now because the weather has been so good to us these last 18 days! We have been taking advantage of every moment here on the Hawaiian Islands. So here are with Hawaii Part 2 of the Big Island! The second part of our trip on the Big Island was full of more adventure, excitement and exploration. Actually, when you are on the Big Island make sure you come with a bucketlist, you are sure to check some items off with no problem at all. Our next excursion was to fly in a helicopter over the volcanoes with Blue Hawaiian Helicopter tours.

This is a first for both of us and it was amazing! After zip lining, this was a breeze. I find I do fine with heights as long as I don’t have to walk when up high. Lucky us we had seats in the front of the helicopter- so the best views in my opinion. Strapped in, headphones on, great music playing and we were off!

Up We go..

It felt more like we were floating. Our pilot narrated all the sites we were seeing below which was great because otherwise you wouldn’t understand the impact a volcano has on the land and people. For example, you could see where the lava had not too long ago wiped a town out. Literally, wiped it out. Several homes and towns are still near the active volcanos. One thing the homeowners don’t have to pay for is insurance, since they cannot get it- makes sense don’t you think? Views of lava tubes, when the top of the lava crusts over but the lava continues flowing underneath it makes these tubes that act like a subway tunnel for the lava. We also flew over some beautiful waterfalls and cliffs. Definitely wanting to do this again..and we do.

Up close..

Next up we shuttled up to the Volcano National Park to see the volcano at night. It was like everyone was driving up to see the 4th of July fireworks. It gets really busy up there, cold- so bring pants and a sweater (which we did not) and grab a good seat on the wall. Enjoy and take it in that you get to be this close to an active volcano. I’m not even going to try to put it in words, it’s one of those you have to see it to appreciate it and understand the magnitude of our nature.

Big Island of Hawaii Excitement and Exploration
Volcano Hawaii

Big Island of Hawaii Excitement and Exploration
Along the coast of all the new land developed by the volcano

Big Island of Hawaii Excitement and Exploration


Big Island of Hawaii Excitement and Exploration
Waterfall view


Hawaii Part 2
Seeing Hawaii from the air is amazing!

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  • Shirley Fabrizi

    All the pictures and information was wonderful, you did a great job?

  • Ana Ojha

    I’ll be going to Hawaii soon and your post is right on the time! Your pictures speak for itself how surreal it is!

  • Vibeke

    Ah this looks so cool. I have been in a helicopter once and absolutely loved it. Would be amazing to do this helicopter ride over Big Island. The scenery looks so beautiful and different from the Norwegian landscape that I am used to. Hawaii is high up on my bucket list. Can’t wait to visit 😀

  • Marta

    Love the idea of seeing an island by helicopter and it sounds like Hawaii is the perfect Island to see by air with the gorgeous coastline, volcanos, and waterfall!

  • Chandrika

    I’m really fascinated by the idea of new land being formed in Hawaii! Loved the photos too 🙂

  • Kareemah Ashiru

    That must have been an extraordinary experience especially seeing the land forming.

  • Swati & Sam

    What an amazing view of the place. I would to do this chopper ride based on the pics that I see here. Lovely capture of the waterfall. Would love to visit Hawaii some day.

  • Kellyn

    Thanks for sharing. Loved the photos. Hawaii is definitely at the top of my bucketlist.

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