Kevin and I in the Dolomites near‎⁨ Cortina d'Ampezzo Ski Resort⁩, ⁨Cortina d'Ampezzo⁩, ⁨Italy⁩

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Here you will find our travels, experiences and adventures!  I hope you enjoy! There will be blogs written on France, Italy, Ireland, England, Canada, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, Hawaii, Belgium to name a few.  Some blogs will be short and some will be long with details and stories.  Just like travel every experience can be different.

Hop on over to the Food and Wine by Kevin section also.  Kevin will be blogging about our escapades in restaurants and wineries. He also might have some in our own kitchen! Please leave a comment or any questions in the comment section of each blog post.  I would love to hear from each and everyone of you!

Visiting Giethoorn Netherlands: 6 Facts to Know

Visiting Giethoorn Netherlands: 6 Facts You Need to Know After seeing all the beautiful photographs of Giethoorn Netherlands I really wanted to make an effort to visit this dutch village.  The "Venice of Holland" looked so magical and storybook.  I loved the idea of seeing thatched roof homes, the lovely gardens in each yard, and [...]

Isle of Skye Tour: Where to see Puffins and Seals

About CBD Oil and the Best CBD Products For Your Health

The Best CBD Products For Your Health I have to say I am so excited!  For a couple of reasons, one, I have been wanting to add a lifestyle  section to my web site for sometime. Two, I love discovering new things to try, whether it be traveling or while I am in my home [...]

Delicious- Eat at Harrods Department Store London

Delicious- Eat at Harrods Department Store London London is one of the most spectacular cities in the world that you can visit.  With so many things to see like the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Madam Tussands just to name a few.  If you have never been to the world famous Harrods you most likely picture a [...]

Short Folktales Stories and Legends from Around the World

Short Folktales, Stories and Legends Around the World What makes learning about a specific destination or popular attraction while traveling more fun?  When there is a story to go along with it of course!  Famous legends, scary legends, and ancient legends can make your destination become even more fun.  Whether it be stories that have [...]

5 of the Best Castle Hotels in Ireland

5 of the Best Castle Hotels in Ireland For most of us when you think of Ireland; green pastures, cliffs looking over the ocean and castles come to mind.  Experience it all on an Ireland vacation, helping make your special vacation one that you will not only enjoy but remember or a lifetime with wonderful [...]

Things to do in Santorini Greece- Akrotiri Archaeological Site

Things to do in Santorini Greece: The Akrotiri Archaeological Site Santorini Greece is one of the most popular islands for tourist to explore.  However, there is one experience that may be skipped if you have not done any research.  If you have started your list of things to do in Santorini Greece, Akrotiri Archaeological site [...]

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Our Road Trip Map of Castles in Scotland

High Tea and Scones at the Ritz

Thursday Travel Blogger: My Favorite Travel Destination

Travel bloggers can be your best source to learn about different destinations around the world.  It's like getting ideas, tips and honest reviews all in a one stop shopping.  This weekly article is going to give us the insight of "my favorite destinations" from some of the best and experienced travel bloggers.  Every Thursday you [...]

21 Luxury Travel Experiences Around the World

Destinations for Romance on Valentines

Michelin Stars Around the World

Michelin Stars Around the World The most coveted award is what obtaining a star means to chefs throughout the world.  Once the chef earns one Michelin star for his or her restaurant there is the challenge to obtain  two Michelin stars, then three Michelin stars! When a restaurant receives it's first star it means it [...]