Pines and Canadian Rockie mountains

The Gift of Travel: Mother-Daughter Trip
Canadian Rockies Train Ride

It’s time to leave Vancouver (part one of our trip) and jump on our train. We are very excited about this part of our trip through the Canadian Rockies. The train ride will be an overnight one so we booked a cabin for two with a bunk.

So the beds pull down and were comfortable enough. I wouldn’t want to spend more than one night on them but they turned out to fine for our trip towards Jasper. The only problem was there was nowhere to move when the beds were in their down position. Best bet is to make sure you do not have to get up in the middle of the night.

Choo Choo through the Canadian Rockies

The food served was delicious, very good cuisine in a comfortable separate car. You are able to choose ahead of time what sitting you would like to have. Next up was going to the observation deck. Frankly, I did not want to leave here. I sat for hours upon hours, the views were that beautiful! So for the rest of this post, there will be photo’s and video. Please keep in mind I was only using my iPhone for photos at the time, on a moving train, lol.  In addition, I did not plan on becoming a travel blogger, goes to show you never know where life leads you!

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Canadian rockies mountain
Canadian rockies mountain
Views of Canadian Rockies
Views of Canadian Rockies
mountain Canadian Rockies
mountain Canadian Rockies
observation deck on train
observation deck on train

We had a wonderful time on our train ride and were excited for what was next on our Mother- Daughter trip in Jasper (read here)!  

Tall Pines filled with snow
Tall Pines filled with snow
train tunnel Canadian Rockies
train tunnel Canadian Rockies

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My Mothers top bucket list item and we made her dream come true! By giving her the gift of travel, Mother-Daughter Canadian Rockies Train ride! Riding through the snow top mountains, watching through the observation deck.  From Vancouver to Jasper.  A trip to remember. #Trainride #canada #CanadianRockies

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Comments ( 9 )

  • baia

    Oh the snow covered forest looks absolutely awesome!

  • Bee

    This is sooooo cool! I had no idea there was even a train through the Rockies. I think the open roof is a great idea and must be such a relaxing experience. those snow white photos are beautiful

  • Carla Durham

    Funny, I just saw Murder on the Orient Express today. I was thinking I would love to take a train ride, maybe on Eurorail. It seemed so glamorous. Of course in the movie, the snow avalanche and murder were a deterrent as well as the small cabins. Lol.

  • Varsha

    Wow… amazing photos and video. I am so much inspired that I want to go there now. I have never been to Canada yet.I have pinned your post for future reference. Thanks for sharing.

  • PossesstheWorld

    I would love to do this train journey. What a great thing to do with your mum, looking forward to the next chapter

  • Kavita Favelle

    Loving the wrap around windows in the observation car, such gorgeous views you really want to see them all. Good to know about the tight space in the cabins once the beds are down, and also that dining is pretty good.

  • Jas

    Ahhhh I love reading this continuation of your mother daughter trip! The Rockies is honestly so beautiful and I’ve done road trips to there at least three times now. Haven’t taken the train yet though so I’m definitely a little intrigued now after looking at your photos!

  • Punita Malhotra

    The Canadian Rockies have been haunting me in my dreams since a few years now and I think 2018 will be the year when that dream translates into reality. This train journey will be part of it.

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