Baden Baden's city fountain

Travel to the City of Beauty and Wellness
Baden Baden Germany

You can have a great holiday in Europe in four days.  We did it, even though I would of loved to stay longer!  We flew into Frankfurt, Germany drove one and half hours south to a city of beauty and wellness, Baden Baden Germany.  Our plane was to stay at the Brenners Park Hotel and Spa, explore the city and take short day trips from Baden Baden.

Simply said, I loved this little city! Baden Baden Germany has a great versatility about it.  Set in Germany’s Black Forest, there is a lot to explore just in it’s city center area.  But my favorite activity was to walk the parks in Baden Baden.  They have lovely parks here in this city of wellness.  Very clean like how you find a lot of Germany to be. You will find the citizens of Baden Baden to be warm, friendly and sincere.  Kevin and I look forward to returning one day, hopefully soon!

Unfortunately we only allotted two days in Baden Baden so we tried to squeeze in as much as we could.

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City of Beauty and Wellness Baden Baden Germany
City of Beauty and Wellness Baden Baden Germany

Lichtenaler Allee

If you love parks like me, you will be delighted with Lichtenaler Allee. A beautiful and enchanting park to stroll approximately a mile and half along the Oos River.  The Lichtenaler Allee is approximately 350 years old, so it is just filled with mature and gorgeous nature! There is no fee so take your time strolling, sit on a park bench and take in all the beauty of the trees and flowers.  Cross the little bridges that surround the city.  Walk all the paths. We were here in the beginning of the falls season and it was just gorgeous!  I would love to experience the Lichtenaler Allee in spring when the flowers are all in bloom.  I am sure it must be just amazing. The Oos River makes music to your ears as you hear the rambling water through Baden Baden.  It makes everything feel so peaceful.

If you ever thought about living in Germany as an expat here are some great tips!

Lichtenaler Allee sign
Lichtenaler Allee entrance sign
Lichtenaler Allee park area
Lichtenaler Allee park area
Baden Baden's Lichtenaler Allee pond
Baden Baden's Lichtenaler Allee pond
Lichtenaler Allee pathway
Baden Baden's Lichtenaler Allee pathway
Purple flowers in Lichtenaler Allee
Purple flowers in Lichtenaler Allee
Kevin in Baden Baden's Lichtenaler Allee
Kevin in Baden Baden's Lichtenaler Allee

Beautiful Lichtenaler Allee park area all green grass and fall colors
Beautiful Lichtenaler Allee
Gazebo in Lichtenaler Allee
Gazebo in Lichtenaler Allee
Volcano like fountain in Lichtenaler Allee
Volcano like fountain in Lichtenaler Allee
Street in baden Baden park
Street in Baden Baden park
city photo of Baden Baden Germany

Exploring on foot Old Town Baden Baden

A great city to walk and enjoy! If shopping is your thing (like me) there are plenty!  Designer stores: Hermès, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Prada, Gucci, Bottega Veneta and more.  Cafe’s to enjoy a cup of coffee or a tea with a delicious pastry.  There are a variety of Restaurants, you will not only find delectable German food, but Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Japanese, French and wonderful seafood! It is safe to say you will not go hungry in Baden Baden.  Did I mention chocolate?  There are these decorated chocolate balls that are to absolutely die for called Edelkastanie “Noble Chestnut” . Kevin and I dodged in (okay I pulled him in) to a shop and bought several packages of Edelkastanie to bring home to family.  I may or may not have handed them all out, I plead the fifth.

Evangelistic Town Church In Baden-Baden
Evangelistic Town Church In Baden-Baden
Baden Badens Evangelistic Town Church with fountain
Evangelistic Town Church with fountain
Old Town area with restaurants in Baden Baden Germany
Old Town area with restaurants
Restaurant in Baden Baden, flowers
Restaurant in Baden Baden

Anyways, fountains are located in several areas of the city.  Horse carriage rides and the little train rides are running all day for you to take a trip around this amazing city.  Also noted was Baden Baden Germany is very dog friendly.  Residents and tourist have their little and big pups everywhere they go, we did not see one misbehave! Kevin and I keep talking about bringing our Dolce Vita with us to Europe one holiday, this would of been a perfect trip to do try it.  Unfortunately, our other dog Reddington hates planes.

Shopping area near casino in Baden Baden Germany
Shopping area near casino
City view in Baden Baden with Collegiate Church
City view in Baden Baden with Collegiate Church

city view of Baden Baden with fountain
City view with fountain
City Theatre building in Baden Baden
City Theatre building in Baden Baden
Baden Baden's Shopping area near casino
Shopping area near casino
Trinkhalle Spa in Baden Baden
Trinkhalle Spa
Outside theatre in Baden Baden
Outside theatre
Horse carriage ride area in Baden Baden
Horse carriage ride area in Baden Baden

Museums in Baden Baden Germany


The Faberge Museum 

This museum (read more) holds some of the most stunning Russian jewelry, dining accessories, and of course the famous Rothchild Faberge Egg.  Before you begin exploring you must put all personal items into a provided locker. The entrance fee was 18 euros, a little pricey, but this however is a private collection.  There are several rooms to enter to view the magnificent exhibits.  I have to say, it was disappointing that there was virtually no English information posted. However, there was a women present who could answer any questions you may have.  Downstairs there is a gift shop that offers for sale Faberge eggs and other items.   Sorry no photography allowed.

Museum Frieda Burda sign outside

Museum Frieda Burda

A contemporary museum located a short walk from our hotel The Brenners Park and Spa.  This museum is the work of the famous New York City architect Richard Meier.  We were very fortunate to be able to see the art work of Rodney Graham and fun light boxes.  His work is very interesting, straight forward and filled with humor.  Their is so much in his work to observe, just when you think you saw it all another object catches your eye.  The Frieda Burda museum is architecturally designed to be very modern and full of light to enjoy the wonderful art work.

Check out this museum in Paris read more

Museum Frieda Bruda building
Baden Badens Museum Frieda Bruda art work outside
Inside Frieda Bruda Museum
Rodney Graham art light box up close
Man reading newspaper Rodney Graham light box
chef taking smoke break -Rodney Graham light box
Museum stair case at Frieda Bruda Baden Baden
Full light box by Rodney Graham
View of Freida Bruda museum inside with Lightbox

Casino in Baden Baden

Yes Baden Baden has a casino and it is stunning from the outside as well as the inside!  If you like to gamble or just feel like trying your hand at lady luck, pop in to the most beautiful casino in the world according to Marlene Dietrich! And I have to agree.  It is magnificent inside, the interior is one you have to see for yourself. Almost two centuries old, there is a lot of history behind these doors.

Baden Baden Casino front lawn
Staircase in baden baden Casino

2 days in Baden Baden- Over too soon

All in all, we had a lovely stay in the Brenners Hotel Park & Spa (read review here) which included notable spa time.  In fact, Baden Baden is known world wide for their Roman Baths and The Caracalla Baths, unfortunately we did not have time to enjoy them.  Also, due to the weather being rainy we were not able to go to the Hohenbaden Castle which has wonderful views of the Baden Baden Germany area.  There is more for us to explore including additional museums, unexplored areas of the Lichtenaler Allee, Opera house, Theater and well… just so much more. Therefore, this is just the perfect reason to return! Just maybe Dolce Vita will join us.

Baden baden city building
Baden baden city building
Otto von Bismarck statue
Otto von Bismarck statue

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One of the best cities in Europe to visit is the city of beauty and wellness, Baden Baden Germany.  Filled with museums, shopping, lovely hotels and delicious restaurants.  Known for their spa\'s with magical touches.  Come to Baden Baden for good health and relax.  #BadenBaden #Germany

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  • Marteen

    What a lovely place! It looks so quaint and picturesque 🙂 It’s definitely top of my list for when I return.

  • Cat Holladay

    This little city looks adorable! It’s now on our list – which is ever growing it seems! Thanks for sharing!

  • Followingtherivera

    I love all your photos Sherrie! I’ve been to Germany, but never to Baden Baden before. Those chocolates look divine, and the old town sounds so pretty and looks very historic. I’ll remember this for when I do go!

  • Medha Verma

    Beautifully green I’d say, which is so peaceful and serene. I love the Old Town and the horse carriage, these are the kind of cities I love to visit, where you feel you’ve been transported back in time. Germany has always been on my bucket list, but there’s so much to do and see, it is overwhelming to plan the perfect itinerary.

    • travelbyasherrieaffair

      I love these type of cities too. This world is a big place with so much to see, it’s hard to fit everything in!

  • Lianne

    Wow, so much greenery and interesting buildings! Never heard of this place. Thanks for the informative post!

  • Jim Jones

    Looks like a very beautiful place to stay! I love all the quaint shops, and it looks like they have a lot of places to walk and to relax. Good thing there are many walking paths, as those desserts look super YUMMY but I’m sure are filled with calories!!!

    • travelbyasherrieaffair

      Relaxation seems to be the keyword here. You can’t help but not, which for me is so unique in a city setting with no beaches. But the park is better!

  • Sarah

    Love all the food pics, it reminds me a bit of Belgium trying all the beers and chocolates! Will have to save this for when I finally make it to Germany someday.

  • Katie

    Baden Baden looks like a charming town, I love your pictures of the parks. The casino looks so regal. I am used to the casinos in the States with all the noise and neon lights.

  • Debbie

    I’ve never heard of Baden Baden, it sounds like such a wonderful place! I would love to visit when I am in Germany.

  • Preethika G

    Beautiful pics, makes Baden Baden even more enticing 🙂 Time to make a plan!

  • Adrenaline Romance

    So full of trees and greenery! We bet the air there is really cool and fresh despite Baden Baden being an urban area. We would definitely love to visit here.

  • RedFedoraDiary

    i have been to the bigger cities of Germany and have heared so many things about Baden Baden. i would love to visit it one day

  • neha

    I have a rough itinerary planned for when I visit Germany. But honestly had not thought of Baden Baden. Yes, I love parks and I am already in love with Lichtenaler Allee after reading your post and seeing those lovely shades of green in your picture. Plus the city looks just perfect..exactly the kind of place I love. So now, I am going to squeeze it in my itinerary

  • Somnath

    All your pictures are so awesome especially that of the horse ride,This feature existed in our country many years back but it does not exist anymore here.So I was really wondering whether this feature still exist anywhere…Its really special!!

    • travelbyasherrieaffair

      Thank you! You are so kind! We were not able to fit the horse carriage ride in- but it is one of the reasons we will return!

  • Paula - Gone with the Wine

    Looks beautiful out there! I have only been in Germany one time, and it was a very small place near Hamburg. I would love to go again and explore more, and especially go south. It is such a versatile country as your post also shows.

  • Carmen Baguio

    Germany is always so picturesque! I’ve been to Germany, but not to Baden Baden. It looks straight out of a fairy tale!

  • Swayam Tiwari

    Your post about this German city makes me feel relaxed. I like parks and jungles much more than concrete buildings and malls.

  • Dee GoGo

    Love this article and great tips! The food looks really sweet and a definite top favorite thing of traveling!
    Beautiful photos and looks like a wonderful place to be!
    Thanks for sharing!

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