The amazing Deer Valley Montage

A little introduction to my honeymoon guest bloggers Westley and Kayla Allbritten.  My newly married son, Westley and his lovely bride Kayla were married on New Years Eve 2016.  Their wedding was a spectacular event!   By the way, did I mention I am also an event planer?  Yes, I was the planner for this wedding event too!

Westley and Kayla's Wedding
Westley and Kayla’s Wedding

Well on to the wonderful honeymoon that my Husband and I sent them on…hope you enjoy!


Honeymoon with Food and Luxury at the Montage Deer Valley

 by Westley and Kayla Allbritten

We were just coming out of the clouds.  Looking down we were somewhere above the Wasatch Mountains.  We were in awe as we looked down at the snowcapped mountains.  All of a sudden it started to hit us that we weren’t in the flat beachy climate of Florida anymore…

And so our honeymoon began.

My wife and I were surrounded by our friends and family just a few days before.  We were having an amazing time at all of the events leading up to and our actual wedding.   A New Year’s Eve wedding fit for a king and queen.  Put together by none other than Sherrie from this blog. Aka, my Mom. The past few days had been so great that we couldn’t imagine it getting any better. But then it did.

Beautiful Mountains from the Plane
Beautiful Mountains from the Plane.

We finally landed and are on our way…

By the way I’m not the best flyer in the world, but my wife helped keep me calm. Once we were out of the terminal we had a car waiting for us to start our adventure to the Montage Deer Valley. Our driver had waters waiting for us.  Which is a good thing, because of the elevation.  Being from Florida + experiencing 11,000 feet above sea level=possibility of elevation sickness. The ride was about 45 minutes from the airport to the hotel.  We didn’t notice the time because our faces were  just stuck against the windows looking at all of the mountains.

Upon arrival, we entered the gates of the Montage Deer Valley and pulled around the large pine tree circled drive way. We were a little early for check in so we roamed around the hotel for a few minutes before and checked out the amazing spa and large great room that they have with a huge fireplace that warmed the entire room. Our room was ready now.

One thing you must know about the Montage Deer Valley, is it is absolutely amazing the type of customer service that they provide. Upon arrival, every person that worked their greeted us by our name and most told us congratulations on our wedding. It made the experience feel even more special by the way they made the extra effort. Another thing we noticed was that at any time when walking down a hallway and staff was walking your way, they would turn and stand up against the wall and greet you. Just some of the small things that made us feel special.

The amazing Deer Valley Montage
The amazing Deer Valley Montage

Our Room

Next we headed to our suite and it was beautiful. Our view outside was of beautiful trees and mountains.  At night all of the trees at the Montage are lit up like Christmas trees! Our room was spectacular.  We had a fireplace right at the end of our bed.  A large bathroom that my wife of course loved with heated floors that made the room nice and toasty. Not only was the room great, but they had a turn down twice a day, which worked out great because all of the activities and the elevation called for a few relaxing naps in between our activities.

View from our room at Deer Valley Montage
View from our room

Congratulations from Deer Valley Montage
Congratulations from Deer Valley Montage

Kayla Checking out the tub
Kayla Checking out the tub


Being from Florida and not really taking ski trips, my wife and I did not really have any ski clothes. So instead of going out and buying some, we found an online store called Kit Lender.   They rent all equipment, any style and anything you really need for skiing/ snowmobiling/snowboarding. So the first afternoon that we got to the hotel, we had a box of clothes all packaged waiting for us.

All ready to hit the slopes! Thanks to Kit Lender
All ready to hit the slopes! Thanks to Kit Lender

Snow Time!


Our first adventure out into the city was to go to Park City Mountain and go skiing. My wife had been skiing a few times growing up with her family, me on the other hand, not so much. I had been snowboarding one time and it ended after one trip down the mountain (that’s a whole other story). It was a ton of fun, we hit the bunny slopes, because apparently park city is for more advanced skiers, but I guess that’s why they had the Olympics there. Either way, we had a great time, I fell, my wife laughed and as I get a little bit more into this marriage thing I’m realizing that’s all that really matters. Even though the next day would be my turn to laugh…

Mrs. Kayla Allbritten- expert skier
Mrs. Kayla Allbritten- expert skier

Mr. Allbritten
Mr. Allbritten- learner



















I had experience snowmobiling when I was younger in New York with my family.  My wife not so much, so she decided to ride on the back. We went out with a group of people where everyone could kind of warm up before going out to a bigger trail. This trail led up a huge hill about 75 feet high. Let’s put it this way, on the way down I didn’t have to touch my throttle. I was going so fast I was scared I was going to fall, but it was still a great thrill. Right after that we were led back through the forest on a trail.  It was breathtaking with all the snow and views. It may be that I have lived most of my life in Florida, but seeing the snow and mountains just looks so amazing every time I see it.

Mr. and Mrs. Allbritten
Mr. and Mrs. Allbritten


We did a few adventurous things like that while on our vacation, but had to always make sure we stayed hydrated with water, and the Montage always has water for you to grab whenever you are walking in the halls and also they put a bottle of water by your bed every night.

Food, Westley’s Passion  (He takes after his Father)

With all the adventures we had to make sure to enjoy a few things around the hotel and the city. And that means FOOD!!! Above all, I enjoy the experience of food and dining. So before I left I wanted to make sure to find the best restaurants to go to. Our first Restaurant was Mariposa at the Deer Valley Resort. It is a tasting style menu, so you get to try a lot of things and enjoy all of them.

Oysters Lovers Bliss at the Deer Valley Resort
Oysters Lovers Bliss at the Deer Valley Resort


Lemmon thyme gnocchi
Lemmon thyme gnocchi at Deer Valley Resort










wild mushroom beggars purse
Wild mushroom beggars purse

Mariposa at Deer Valley Resort
Mariposa at Deer Valley Resort










While at the hotel we tried Apex and Burgers and Bourbon, both were amazing! Apex is more of a steak house style restaurant with a great menu and great food. We found Burgers and Bourbon to be a more relaxed atmosphere as the name suggests. I don’t drink, but I did enjoy a burger while there, as well as a milkshake. I highly recommend the milkshake.

Our last night in town we went to a restaurant called Riverhorse On Main. If you visit Park City, you must try this restaurant. It is a AAA Four Diamond Award winning Restaurant. And one of the best meals I have ever had in my life. I am not one to eat game type meats, but on this night I had the trio of wild game, order it, trust me on this one. My wife had the Filet and as well as everything else, it was amazing. Their staple dessert is their Wild blueberry cobbler… again go for it.




Time to get cozy…

Every night after dinner, my wife and I would go to the great room located above the lobby. A very large room about 100 feet or more long by about 50 feet wide. Lined with relaxing chairs and couches and at the center of the room is a large fireplace about 10 feet wide and 7 feet tall. It warms the entire room. My wife and I would sit there for about an hour every night and listen to the live music that would be playing on the piano and just relax and get to take it all in.  It is possible we might have ordered chocolate fondue from the bar and got to enjoy cake and fruits dipped in chocolate, but it is our honeymoon, why not.

Deer Valley Montage
Relaxing in the large “Gathering Room”

Deer Valley Montage
Always needs to study the menu

Deer Valley Montage
Kayla enjoying the large fireplace

Did someone say SPA?

Our final day at the resort would prove to be the most relaxing… Words that were ringing in my head through the whole vacation from my friend Jordan and Michelle who travel all over the globe… “Treat Yourself, It’s your honeymoon.” And that’s exactly what we did. We went to the spa for our last full day. We went all out and got the Escape to Serenity package that the Montage Deer Valley Spa offers for couples.

Massages at Deer Valley Montage
Massages at Deer Valley Montage

They gave us our own large suite looking out onto the mountains. When we walked in, we both got into our own copper tub where each of our own personal masseuses raised us up and made us float in the tub while being massaged. You are supposed to feel like you are back in the womb.  To say the least it was relaxing. While in the tub we were given a scalp treatment as well, the relaxation was starting to set in. Next we went to the massage table where we each had a 90 minute massage.  All of this pampering was much needed after all of our activities of skiing and snowmobiling adventures.

A shower was next to get the oils off of ourselves.  Upon re-entering the room awaiting was large warm foot baths.  Reflexology for us! Finally, at the end we enjoyed a nice lunch. It was a great 3- 4 hour experience that I will never forget. We did treat ourselves on this honeymoon.

Copper tubs at the Deer Valley Montage Spa
Copper tubs at the Deer Valley Montage Spa


All things must come to an end…

To say that we had an unforgettable Honeymoon would be an understatement. Deer Valley Montage’s hotel and staff were amazing.  They made us feel like a million dollars. We enjoyed it so much, that we just booked our 1st anniversary trip to the Montage Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina. We can’t wait to spend New Year’s Eve at the newest Montage Property.

Kayla and Westley Allbritten
Kayla and Westley Allbritten





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  • Audrey

    Wow this was a great post! I hope to visit one day~

  • Rachel

    This place looks amazing! Thank you for sharing.

    • travelbyasherrieaffair

      You are welcome! The Montage is wonderful, I went a couple of years earlier for a girls spa weekend. Amazing! I need to write a blog about that!

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    you two are so cute! It looks like you have so much fun!

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  • Samantha

    Wow! What a wonderful honeymoon! The views looked beautiful. BTW, the wedding gown was so beautiful!

    • travelbyasherrieaffair

      I will let Kayla know you loved her dress 🙂 It was a show stopper! Take a look at the link from their wedding- it was one special wedding!!

  • Sue Tanya McHorgh

    Looks like you guys had a lovely time there. Congrats !

  • Montage Palmetto Bluff

    Congratulations on the recent nuptials. What a fantastic honeymoon from the looks of it! Our sister property is indeed a beautiful resort. We’re elated to hear you’ll be spending your first anniversary with us here at Montage Palmetto Bluff. We’ll see you then!

    • Westley allbritten

      Thanks, can’t wait. See you for New Year’s Eve!!

    • travelbyasherrieaffair

      Westley and Kayla’s honeymoon was spectacular! Their first anniversary at your Resort will be just as wonderful! All the Montage Resorts are amazing! Thank you for reading our post!

  • Rachelle

    Congrats! I live close to the Deer Valley Resort and it is simply amazing. And the Mariposa restaurant is consistently ranked one of the top restaurants in Park City. It’s also a really beautiful location in the spring/summer/fall aka non-snow seasons!

  • Danik

    Loving the looks of Deer Valley, I never heard of the place but I think you have sold it to me. Now I just got to get out there. Loving the photos in this blog 🙂

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    Wow that is truly a great spot for spending your honeymoon ! Skiing, Spa and great looking food. What else could a newlywed couple wish for ? Thank you a lot and greetings

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    What a wonderful destination! Thanks for sharing this useful post!

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    Congrats! Looks super amazing! I was here years ago, when there wasn’t snow. It’s a beautiful landscape and what a way to celebrate love!

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      The honeymooners loved it! I was there in Oct and it was absolutely beautiful then too! Thank you for reading!

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