green lush hills looking over stone structures of the fairy glen

Fairy Glen of Uig Isle of Skye, Scotland

With all the visitors to the Isle of Skye Scotland, pretty much everything has been uncovered. However, there is one area a little less known by tourist, The Fairy Glen of Uig.  We discovered this magical place near the Village of Uig totally by accident.  As we were driving towards Uig to go on a Puffin and Seal adventure, we were ahead of schedule and had some time to explore.  Out came the map of the Isle of Skye and on it was a small little marker for a Fairy Glen.  In my book anything to do with folklore and history (read more here) requires more investigation.

We began navigating up a road which was fine in the beginning but soon turned a little more narrower.  It was a little scaring when cars came in the opposite direction, but totally doable.   You know you reached the area when you can not go any further.  The path up is fairly easy, rocky in spots but not a problem for most.  However, it is not accessible for wheelchair and I do not recommend for anyone with difficulty walking.

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Stone circular structure at the Fairy Glen of Uig, Isle of Skye Scotland
Stone structure at the Fairy Glen of Uig, Isle of Skye Scotland

Feel the Magic at the Fairy Glen of Uig

You know the moment you have arrived at this Fairy Glen Scotland- looking down onto a lush green sanctuary of stone monumental type structures, a circle of some kind of possible worship area, and just the whole feeling of mystical fairy life. We discovered a bone of some type displayed on a rock structure.  Other stone structures that resembled crosses, possible worship monuments, miniature looking stone structures (possible fairy homes)?

Stone structure at the Fairy Glen of Uig, Isle of Skye Scotland
Stone structure at the Fairy Glen of Uig, Isle of Skye Scotland

Do You Believe in Fairies?

Sitting on the green grass we took our time at the Uigs Fairy Glen, absorbing in all the wonders that the Isle of Skye brings for your enjoyment and awareness.  It is fun to just imagine that fairies do exist and that we were fortunate enough to be able to be take a peak at their lives.

Stone structure with bones at the Fairy Glen of Uig, Isle of Skye Scotland
Bones laying on stone structure at the Fairy Glen of Uig, Isle of Skye Scotland

Speaking of believing…do you believe in Peter Pan?  Check this post out as we visited J.M. Barrie’s home

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Do you love discovering mystical things when you are traveling? The Fairy Glen of Uig on the Isle of Skye is filled with mystery that is surrounded by beautiful landscape of Scotland. A short hike to reach one of Scotlands best kept secrets. #IselofSkye #Scotland

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  • Michelle

    What a cool spot! We have not been to Scotland yet but when we go, I’d love to see this place in person.

  • eli

    What a beautiful and lush location. The fairy glen is so fascinating too! Really want to make it to Scotland soon

  • Shane Prather

    Isn’t it the best when you stumble across hidden gems in your travels?! Have not yet been to Scotland but always amazed by the green landscapes.

  • Diana

    All this greenery looks absolutely incredible! Love that there’s no crowds!

  • Sheena

    Looks amazing! Wish I could visit the Isle of Skye soon. Will definitely keep the village of Uig in mind the next time I plan my visit there!

  • Rachelle

    What a fun discovery! It kind of reminds me of Stonehenge…we’re not really sure what it all means, but it must have been something important to the early people! Can’t wait to visit the Isle of Skye someday!

  • Tony G

    Very nice looking place. I’m from the south coast of the UK, but I love islands. I badly need to visit the Scottish islands!

  • CJ Haughey

    Looks awesome. Coming from Ireland, I love anything mystical like this! Hope you had a good time!

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