Fairmont Jasper Park Hotel


Fairmont Jasper Park Hotel

Our Mother-Daughter trip continues with us deporting our fun train ride in Jasper Alberta Canada.  Although there was a little glitch in the transfer to our hotel (they forgot us) we were happy to check into our room/cabin at the Fairmont Jasper Park Hotel (hotel information).

The Fairmont lived up to it’s world wide reputation of great service, clean rooms and all around hospitality.  Our view of the ice covered lake with the snow top mountains was magnificent.  Meals for my Mother and myself were mostly taken in the family atmosphere Emerald Lounge.  We were here for only two nights and frankly the first day we just wanted to relax, enjoy the snow outside and have some wonderful hot chocolate along with some comfort food.

Fairmont Jasper Park Hotel


Fairmont Jasper Park Hotel

Take a Glacier Hike

The 2nd day we had signed up for a tour with Viator to take the 3 hour Maligne Canyon Ice-walk tour.  We were picked up right from the Fairmont hotel, on the way we saw some elk for the first time.  Upon our arrival at the Maligne Canyon we were given ice shoes to slip on over our own shoes.  This was a necessity as we soon discovered.

Meligne Canyon Ice-walk Tour Jasper Canada


Our guide informed us of all the rules to follow and also let us know about the cougars.  Yes, cougars.  yes, they had been seen just recently on the tour.  Okay- this added a whole new aspect to this little outing.

Meligne Canyon Ice-walk Tour Jasper Canada


The trail

Soon we off in our group of about 15 people.  My Mother being the oldest, the guide thought it was a good idea she stay close to him.  Once everyone was all set we began to make our way on to a path.  The hike was not too difficult, a few times there were some areas you have to put your foot exactly where the guide instructs. It was cold, but honestly if you are dressed correctly it was not bad.  You keep moving so it keeps you warmed up.

Meligne Canyon Ice-walk Tour Jasper Canada


Meligne Canyon Ice-walk Tour Jasper Canada


Meligne Canyon Ice-walk Tour Jasper Canada


Meligne Canyon Ice-walk Tour Jasper Canada


Our guide was quick to discover my Mother, who was 77 years old at the time,  had no trouble whatsoever.  She actually did better than some that were in their thirties!  I was really proud of Mom, but I knew she probably could out do me in hiking, so I had no worries.

Glacier Views and Ice Formations

I really was not to sure on what to expect since this was my first time getting up close to a glacier.  Magnificent!  I was in awe of this immense cascading formation.  We were able to watch some hikers actually climbing the glacier.  The strength and determination by these climbers was something to see!

Meligne Canyon Ice-walk Tour Jasper Canada



Meligne Canyon Ice-walk Tour Jasper Canada



Meligne Canyon Ice-walk Tour Jasper Canada

Meligne Canyon Ice-walk Tour Jasper Canada

Meligne Canyon Ice-walk Tour Jasper Canada

Meligne Canyon Ice-walk Tour Jasper Canada


The Maligne Canyon Ice-walk tour was full of discovering fossils and admiring natures work on with ice. Some of the formations we saw reached as high as 30 meters.  Our guide really knew everything about this canyon, he was able to answer any questions we had.  I also did feel safe the entire time, it was a hike that many can do because you are not rushed.  As you can see I had plenty of time to take any photographs I wanted to, even though it was a little tricky with gloves on.  We never did see any cougars and I was really okay with missing out on this one.  By the way I did taste the water coming down off the mountain and all I can say I wish we had that coming out of our faucets in Florida!

The End of this Part of Our Tour

Loading up back into the van we had the option to visit the stores in Jasper before heading back to the Fairmont Jasper Park Hotel.  We did and found some cute little places to shop.  But we did not realize how tired we were and soon took the van back to the hotel.  More comfort food and finally taking the photograph of my Mother with the large Grizzly Bear….. Hope you enjoyed this part of our Mother-Daughter Canadian Rockies Tour.  Be sure to check out my The Gift of Travel- Vancouver and Canadian Rockies Train ride blog and stay tune for Lake Louise up next!

Fairmont Jasper Park Hotel

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Comments ( 29 )

  • Hang Around The World

    We have just come back from our little vacation on the snow so we know what the experience looks like! Was it very cold?
    Your photos are so amazing!!

    • travelbyasherrieaffair

      No really, we were cold at times, but for the most part- dressed correctly it was fine 🙂

  • Erica Edwards

    What a lovely experience to share with your mother! The cabin looks so cozy and made for warm hot cocoa and momma daughter chats. The hike also looked like a lot of fun. A few years ago I did some ice hiking in the Fran Josef Glacier in New Zealand and it was definitely an experience to remember!

  • Michael

    My first inclination on meeting a cougar would not be to face it. It would be to run as fast as I could ? Just shows how much I know. The pictures of the glacier climbers look amazing.

    • travelbyasherrieaffair

      I’m not going to lie, the cougar thing was not my favorite. Thank you, those climbers were to be admired!

  • Baia Dzagnidze

    It seems you guys had a great time there. So nice to have a mother-daughter getaway. Need to plan one for my mother too

  • Claire

    Wow, that scenery is unbelievably beautiful! An area of the world I definitely need to tick off my list!

  • Anumita Ghosh

    Such a dreamy mother-daughter vacation. I am so envious of this. You have inspired me to try one thing with my daughter and mother both!

  • Sanne Grieten

    The photos are amazing! I would love to go there one day, but I think it isn’t for this year.. I’m also planning a trip with my mother though (:

  • poorna banerjee

    Gorgeous photos, and it looks like you guys had a fabulous time.

  • Melanie

    Oh my goodness!! This entire thing looks like a scene from Narnia! What an amazing trip through a gorgeous, winter wonderland!!

    • travelbyasherrieaffair

      haha, thats what my Mother kept saying! Hope you come back to read are next part in Lake Louise- that was where it really looked like Narnia!

  • Bee

    A glacier hike?! Had no idea you could even do this in the dead of winter, and it looked completely do-able. i always associate hiking in the snow on mountains to be for more advanced hikers. those glaciers and views of the caves and mountains are beautiful. i’ll def keep this in mind if i go exploring in Canada!

  • Dominic

    We were very close to planning a trip to Jasper last summer, but couldn’t make it happen. Seeing it in winter makes me think I would rather go then. Looks amazing. 🙂 You can find me ice climbing on the wall- super cool.

  • SamH Travels

    Jasper is on my travel bucket list. The hike looks great and the photos are amazing.
    I didn’t know there weee cougars out there. Would have been exciting to view – from a far 😉
    Thank you for sharing, I’ve pinned for future reference 🙂

  • umiko

    What a great winter break to remember between you and your daughter. And Jasper just looked amazing with snow covering the ground.

  • Dee

    What a great trip! I was reading the sign about what to do in case you run into a jaguar.. that would be freaky! I’m glad you had a great time and safely back! It looks amazing especially the cave and ice! Looks like a good place to put on the must see list! I need some mother daughter time! Thanks for sharing!

  • lisa

    I love travelling with my mom, best memories ever! Jasper looks freezing I don’t think I would make it as where we come from we don’t see snow. It is really beautiful though, I have only ever read amazing things about Canada’s outdoors, looks like you had a awesome experience!

  • David

    Wow, looks like a fun trip! Funny you mentioned how your mom was doing laps around the 30-year olds. I was on a hike to the highest point in Georgia a few years ago and I remembered an older woman leaving us all behind as she made her way up the mountain.

    I always wanted to go to Jasper, took a road trip from Edmonton to Vancouver one year and passed right by it. Sadly I didn’t stop. One of my big regrets from travelling.

  • DAnik

    I love Jasper and cant wait to get back there again soon. Fantastic location of a base to go hiking and see the surrounding area if hiring a car. Love reading your post and the photos look rather chilling.

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