My first wine trip to California was to say the least spectacular!  Mostly in part to staying at the Kenwood Inn and Spa in Sonoma California.  At first sight the appearance of the buildings look to be right out of an Italian town.  However, I soon realized the Inn was built in 1989.  The grounds also match the Mediterranean theme with bougainvillea vines, arch walkways, fountains and statues.


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Kenwood Inn and Spa pool area
Kenwood Inn and Spa pool and spa area

Our suite at the Kenwood Inn and Spa

Oh I can’t say enough about our suite!  The feeling you get from each room with it’s own entry way is that you are walking into an Italian villa.  We found the suite to be decorated beautifully.  Large bathroom with all the accessories needed.  We were there in February, the temperature was perfect during the day however a little chilly at night.  The fireplace with it’s two comfortable chairs were very much appreciated and cozy.  We loved sitting in front of the fireplaces, being from Florida we do not use our’s too often.

Music softly plays from a Bose speaker with a soothing romantic playlist.  Your room fills with the sounds from Norah Jones and Etta James. Uniquely, there are no televisions and you wouldn’t want one, it would just ruin the mood!  Of course, I downloaded the exact songs they had on the playlist to my phone too! In fact, I’m listening to them as I write this post 🙂

Suite with fireplace at at Kenwood Inn and Spa
Suite at Kenwood Inn and Spa

There’s more…

Meals at the Kenwood Inn and Spa were absolutely delicious.  There was nothing missing on the beautiful breakfast buffet display which was included in our hotel stay. Our dinners were especially my favorite, enjoyed in front of individual fireplaces. Amazingly, every dish served was perfected by an older gentleman who was the chef at the time.

To add to your relaxation there is their wonderful spa.  Kevin and I enjoyed a couples massage! It was so unique- the room was like a tent up on a roof.  The pool and sauna were just steps from our little villa, lounge chairs with cozy towels in a courtyard setting. We of course enjoyed wine and cheese poolside.

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menu and fireplace at Kenwood Inn and Spa
Great food at the Kenwood Inn and Spa!

If you are visiting Sonoma or the Napa Valley region I highly recommend the Kenwood Inn and Spa.  It was hard to leave the hotel and visit wineries for me, we loved the ambience of the Kenwood Inn and Spa and shall return one day!

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  • Chloe Lane

    I loved Napa Valley! Can’t wait to go back and check out some new places!

  • Brittany

    This place looks absolutely beautiful! I love Sonoma so I’ll check this out next time I’m headed there. Was it close to many wineries?

  • AmberLynn

    I LOVE The Scrambled States of America. I read it in a classroom that I observed, and it is definitely worth the read. Also, I’ve never been to Sonoma, but I have been wanting to visit. This seems like a nice place to check out.

  • Susie

    Meals, spa and wine – looks like a perfect trip! Glad you had a good time 🙂

  • Suma

    Oh this does like a dreamy Italian villa! What a lovely combination of vineyrds and picture perfect hotel. The rooms look very cozy, between them and the pool even I wouldn’t able to drag myself out of the property;)

  • David

    Sounds like an amazing place to stay, surprising to learn that the place was less than 30 years old. It really did have an old world charm to it based on those photos.

  • My Travelogue by Bhushavali

    I’ve been to a Kenwood House in London. That too looks so nice with all the greenery around it!
    Rooms having their own entrance and a fireplace too???
    It would be just an awesome experience to stay here!

  • Marta

    This looks lovely and perfectly fitting for California!

  • Ian

    Have enjoyed sampling Californian wine at home. Need to take it to the next level and actually visit the wine regions soon, though.

  • Anushka

    I love the way the building is done, it looks really like in middle of Italian town. Wine and spa sounds like a perfect way to relax yourself and just enjoy..

  • Samantha

    I desperately need some time away and I think this would be the perfect place to be!! Spas are my favourite – I need a day (or week) there!

  • Marvi

    I’d love to sit and relax by the fireplace too while music plays on the background! What a relaxing scene you’ve just described! 😀 .. The place looks really relaxing.. Glad to hear you had a great time!

  • Exploring Curiously

    This looks like a nice place to stay and it looks like it is located in a pretty area.

  • Anneklien Meanne

    I love spa hotels, Kenwood Inn and Spa looks a perfect place aftera day of wine tasting around Napa valley. Good food, wine and spa what else can a girl asked for!

  • Izzy

    My girlfriends and I are planning a Napa Valley getaway but had no idea where to start! Thank you for this post! I love the Mediterranean flair to the Kenwood Inn and how cozy the amenities are. Fireplaces and sauna, with a plate of cheese and a glass of wine within’s arm reach? I’m sold!

  • Ami Bhat

    Does seem like a lovely place to stay in. Comfortable and cosy. And wine and cheese by the pool is exactly what I would like to do when I am here. Along with a spa treatment. 🙂 Now that would be luxury too.

  • Katherine

    I’ve lived in San Francisco for more than two years now and I still haven’t been to Napa or Sonoma. And now with those fires… It’s so terrible. But I will definitely put the Kenwood Inn and Spa on my list for when I get there.

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