One of the last places I would expect to find a garden like in Japan is in Rochester, New York.  But believe me it’s here and it happens to be my cousin Tracy’s husband Brett’s own garden.  Brett purchased a beautiful piece of land about 8 years ago and went to work. I was told by relatives to go visit and see it with my own eyes.  This trip I was finally able to, not really knowing what to expect.

Green and Flowers Everywhere in Rochester, New York

One thing for sure about the wonderful people in Rochester, my hometown growing up, is that they really appreciate the summertime and make the most of everyday.  Driving through the streets you will see almost every home with flowers blooming everywhere.  Whether it be in pots on their porches, small areas near their driveways or full blown gardens that will make you want to just sit on a bench all day and just take it all in.

Hard Work Pays Off on Garden

A short drive and we pull up to a secluded driveway.  Okay relatives, you never let me know it looked like this!!!   I was not only amazed that the garden was here, but the work and love that obviously went in to making this little peace of meditation heaven. There is no home, however there is a small shed-like building to house his equipment.  Just a quite place of solitude to visit.  He makes sure I know that it’s not a “perfect Japanese style garden”, but I wouldn’t know and would not care because of the splendor of this garden. I hope you enjoy the photographs of Brett’s work and passion.  I will try to add more photo’s this fall with the change of leaves.  Maybe I can talk Brett into coming to Florida to make my yard look like this!













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  • Shirley Fabrizi

    This truly is a very special place, lots of hard work for Brett!

  • Danik

    This is a nice Japanese feel to this garden and gives Rochester a more of a pleasant feel. I remember passing through Rochester many years ago but never saw this. Do you know if this is a new addition to the town?

  • Rachelle

    I do love Japanese gardens. They’re so beautiful and a much-needed respite from the busy cities. I had no idea that there was one in Rochester! The only I’ve visited (numerous times) is the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Everything is so lush and green! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  • Amelie

    I really like Japanese gardens and they are normally very well taken care of. Its a great spot to catch the breath and slow down your everyday stress. We never went to the Rochester one but it is adding up on our list.
    Thank you and greetings

  • Punita Malhotra

    The one thought that stayed with me after going through this post was: ‘its so green’! The vibrance is so evident from the pictures, i can only imagine how refreshing it would be to stand there in person.

  • David

    So green! Looks like a cool place to relax after a long day.

  • Giulia

    wooow! i love japan and one day i would like to visit it, but i’d like to visit also new york… this could be the best compromise?

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