Mother-Daughter Trip
Canadian Rockies Train

I have always felt very fortunate to be able to travel the amount that we do.  In fact, I many times think I must of done something really great in a past life to be so fortunate. My fortune began with having wonderful parents.  My Mother and Father loved to travel and would take us children sometimes with them.

One trip my Mother always wanted to take was a train ride through the Canadian Rockies.   She wanted to see the snow, the mountains and she loves riding on trains.  However, before they could fulfill this holiday dream my father became ill with Mesothelioma.  He passed away December 26, 2012. A few years later our entire family gave a Christmas gift to our Mother, a Canadian Rockies train tour and more! I would be the lucky one to accompany my Mother and we would begin this wonderful journey in Vancouver Canada. So, Mother-Daughter trip here we come!

Fairmont Vancouver Hotel view
Fairmont Vancouver Hotel view

Vancouver Canada: The Fairmont Vancouver Hotel

Our Mother-Daughter trip begins with us flying from Tampa to Vancouver Canada. Definitely a long flight, but we know this is going to be a wonderful adventure and are very excited for it to begin.  After landing, grabbing our luggage, we head to our hotel the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel (read more).  The Fairmont Vancouver Hotel lived up to the reputation of all the Fairmont’s, professional, luxurious and wonderful service.  We were shown to our room where we had a magnificent view.  Only having 2 nights in Vancouver we need to get our rest to be ready to set out the next morning for a full day of sightseeing.

Vancouver Canada

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Vancouver City Tour

We were really only going to have one day to see some of the sights, for this reason, a tour would be the most beneficial way to accomplish seeing as much as we could, stress free.  So, I booked a tour of Vancouver City Tour which included the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  As we hopped on the tour bus we were driven around Vancouver.  Wow!  What a beautiful city!  Not too many places I have seen where a city has gorgeous snowcap mountains and magnificent blue water views, not to mention the skyscrapers!

The city streets are filled with bicycles!  Fun Fact: More people bike to work in Vancouver Canada than any other major city in North America.  Sailboats are out in numbers also on the Vancouver Harbor and English Bay.  As we drive around on the tour bus, we view a China Town, drive over the Lions Gate Bridge and are pointed out many buildings including Lululemon!

Heading over to Stanley Park

Next, we made our way over to Stanley Park.  This public park is is 405 acres of… well just about everything!  Beaches, trees, scenic views of both the English Bay and the Vancouver Harbor, amazing trees, wildlife, trails, food, cultural sites and more.  It’s an urban park that has been designated as a natural historic site of Canada.  My Mother and I were both very impressed with the totem poles, for their artistic work and meanings.

Off to the Capilano Suspension Bridge

Okay, let just stop right here.  When you go on a Mother-Daughter trip for the first time, you find out things about your Mom you really never knew.  For instance, my Mother has no, and I mean no fear of heights!  This bridge is over 230 feet in the air, and it is 450 feet across.  She is going to be 80 this year and she treated this suspension bridge like it was nothing.  Surprisingly, no hesitation at all.  I think she crossed it in like 3 minutes.  Me- my knees were shaking; my hands and fingers were absolutely going to get freezer burn because I refused to let go of the side railing in 30-degree temperatures.

I have to say, all in all, it was pretty cool, and the area is breathtaking, I’m proud of myself for accomplishing walking across (even though it took me like 10 minutes).  To my Mom it was a normal walk in the park day.

Here are some great books that may inspire you to travel with your Mom by The Roving Heart

Last Day Before Heading to the train Station

Unfortunately, we have just a few hours in the morning look around.  No matter what holiday I am on, I am drawn to check out the local churches and in some cases Hindu Temples (read more).  Particularly, I love seeing all the different architecture and details.  In fact, Vancouver is no exception because right next to our hotel is the Christ Church Cathedral- have a peak…


Time for the Canadian Rockie Train

Our time in Vancouver was over way too fast, it was time to head to our next adventure by hopping on our train to take us through the Canadian Rockies.  We were excited to board the train, but…  One thing for sure, I will make it back to Vancouver one day. There is a lot more to see and experience.  Of course, when I do, I know I will always reminisce about what a great time my Mother and I had in this enchanting city of Vancouver on our Mother-Daughter trip!

It’s time to leave Vancouver and jump on our train. We are very excited about this part of our trip through the Canadian Rockies. The train ride will be an overnight one so we booked a cabin for two with a bunk.

So the beds pull down and were comfortable enough. I wouldn’t want to spend more than one night on them but they turned out to fine for our trip towards Jasper. The only problem was there was nowhere to move when the beds were in their down position. Best bet is to make sure you do not have to get up in the middle of the night.

mountain Canadian Rockies
mountain Canadian Rockies
observation deck on train
observation deck on train

Choo Choo through the Canadian Rockies

The food served was delicious, very good cuisine in a comfortable separate car. You are able to choose ahead of time what sitting you would like to have. Next up was going to the observation deck. Frankly, I did not want to leave here. I sat for hours upon hours, the views were that beautiful! So, for the rest of this post, there will be photos and video. Please keep in mind I was only using my iPhone for photos at the time, on a moving train, lol.  In addition, I did not plan on becoming a travel blogger, goes to show you never know where life leads you!

Canadian rockies mountain
Canadian rockies mountain
Views of Canadian Rockies
Views of Canadian Rockies
Pines and Canadian Rockie mountains
Pines and Canadian Rockie mountains
Tall Pines filled with snow
Tall Pines filled with snow
train tunnel Canadian Rockies
train tunnel Canadian Rockies
Jasper Fairmont snow covered view
Jasper Fairmont view

Fairmont Jasper Park Hotel

Our Mother-Daughter trip continues with us deporting our fun train ride in Jasper Alberta Canada.  Although there was a little glitch in the transfer to our hotel (they forgot us) we were happy to check into our room/cabin at the Fairmont Jasper Park Hotel (hotel information).

The Fairmont lived up to its worldwide reputation of great service, clean rooms and all around hospitality.  Our view of the ice-covered lake with the snow top mountains was magnificent.  Meals for my Mother and myself were mostly taken in the family atmosphere Emerald Lounge.  We were here for only two nights and frankly the first day we just wanted to relax, enjoy the snow outside and have some wonderful hot chocolate along with some comfort food.

Boat House Jasper
Boat House Jasper
Cabins at Jasper Fairmont
Cabins at Jasper Fairmont
Inside Jasper Fairmont
Inside Jasper Fairmont

Take a Glacier Hike

The 2nd day we had signed up for a tour with Viator to take the 3 hour Maligne Canyon Ice-walk tour.  We were picked up right from the Fairmont hotel, on the way we saw some elk for the first time.  Upon our arrival at the Maligne Canyon we were given ice shoes to slip on over our own shoes.  This was a necessity as we soon discovered.

Our guide informed us of all the rules to follow and also let us know about the cougars.  Yes, cougars.  yes, they had been seen just recently on the tour.  Okay- this added a whole new aspect to this little outing.

Guide to Glacier walk in Jasper
Guide to Glacier walk
Cougar warning sign in Jasper Canada
Yes, there are cougars in the Canadian Rockies
wildlife in Jasper
Wildlife in Jasper

The Trail

Soon we off in our group of about 15 people.  My Mother being the oldest, the guide thought it was a good idea she stays close to him.  Once everyone was all set, we began to make our way on to a path.  The hike was not too difficult, a few times there were some areas you have to put your foot exactly where the guide instructs. It was cold, but honestly if you are dressed correctly it was not bad.  You keep moving so it keeps you warmed up.

Our guide was quick to discover my Mother, who was 77 years old at the time, had no trouble whatsoever.  She actually did better than some that were in their thirties!  I was really proud of Mom, but I knew she probably could out do me in hiking, so I had no worries.

Canadian rockies mountain
Canadian rockies mountain
Pines and Canadian Rockie mountains
Pines and Canadian Rockie mountains
Views of Canadian Rockies
Views of Canadian Rockies

Glacier Views and Ice Formations

I really was not too sure on what to expect since this was my first time getting up close to a glacier.  Magnificent!  I was in awe of this immense cascading formation.  We were able to watch some hikers actually climbing the glacier.  The strength and determination by these climbers were something to see!

The Maligne Canyon Ice-walk tour was full of discovering fossils and admiring natures work on with ice. Some of the formations we saw reached as high as 30 meters.  Our guide really knew everything about this canyon, he was able to answer any questions we had.  I also did feel safe the entire time, it was a hike that many can do because you are not rushed.  As you can see, I had plenty of time to take any photographs I wanted to, even though it was a little tricky with gloves on.  We never did see any cougars and I was really okay with missing out on this one.  By the way I did taste the water coming down off the mountain and all I can say I wish we had that coming out of our faucets in Florida!

Glacier in Jasper
Glacier in Jasper
In between the glacier and mountain
In between the glacier and mountain
My Mother on the Glacier walk in Jasper
My Mother on the Glacier walk

The End of this Part of Our Tour

Loading up back into the van we had the option to visit the stores in Jasper before heading back to the Fairmont Jasper Park Hotel.  We did and found some cute little places to shop.  But we did not realize how tired we were and soon took the van back to the hotel.  More comfort food and finally taking the photograph of my Mother with the large Grizzly Bear….. Hope you enjoyed this part of our Mother-Daughter Canadian Rockies Tour.

Between the mountains in Jasper
Between the mountains in Jasper
wildlife in Jasper
Wildlife in Jasper
Dog sledding Lake Louise
Dog sledding Lake Louise

Off to Lake Louise Alberta Canada.  This part of the trip we are taken by a van with a few other people on a lovely drive.  The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise does not disappoint with our adventurous vacation so far.  In fact, I would say my favorite part of the trip took place here and that was dog sledding.  I believe my Mother would totally agree.

Our adventure begins with a road trip from Jasper to Lake Louise.  Our hotel the Fairmont Chateau is stunning. A perfect resort in the winter.  There are plenty of restaurants, a spa and outdoor activities; Skiing, Horse Sleigh, Ice Skating, Snowshoeing, Ice walk, Cross Country skiing, Snowmobiling and more!

Mom at the Fairmont Lake Louise
Mom at the Fairmont
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

My Mother and I had two days here and we tried our hardest to make the best of them.  Although, we both stated we would love to return here someday. Two days is not enough to thoroughly enjoy the area.  I would also love to see it in the summer.  The Lake is featured in photographs to be a stunning turquoise color.  Interesting fact about the lake and hotel; drink the tap water it is amazingly delicious, and you guessed it- it’s from the lake!

Click here for another destination that is fun to make a Mother-Daughter trip!

Fairmont Banff Springs in the distance with mountains
Fairmont Banff Springs
Banff Hotel view of mountains and snow
Banff Hotel view- Travel By A Sherrie Affair

Our next stop on our Mother Daughter excursion was a short ride to Banff.  We were once again escorted to a Fairmont Resort, located up a mountain in Banff National Park.  The Fairmont Banff Springs continues the luxury standards that you come to expect from a Fairmont hotel.

Wildlife in Banff
Wildlife in Banff
Wildlife in Banff Park
Wildlife in Banff Park

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My Mothers top bucket list item and we made her dream come true! By giving her the gift of travel, Mother-Daughter Trip-Canadian Rockies Train Tour and more! Vancouver to Jasper.   Riding through the snow top mountains, watching through the observation deck. A trip to remember. Vancouver, Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff, a magical experience of wildlife, glaciers, ice skating, dog sledding, horse drawn sleigh.  #Trainride #Canada #CanadianRockies

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  • Shannon

    How lucky you are to have had such a great adventure with your Mum. She is so brave crossing that bridge – definitely not one for me! The rest of it looks fab though.

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    Really amazing. You parents made you a traveller and giving them back the same experience once you enjoyed with them is really great. Am glad that you had a great time with your mother.

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    What a beautiful and considerate gift to give your mother! This is something to remember and always keep a memory of it!

  • My Travelogue by Bhushavali

    Recently my mom & I went of a small weekend trip and its one of the most cherished trips I’ve made. Its just so beautiful to be able to travel & explore with mom! The suspension bridge and Stanley park would be my top picks in this list!

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    I love this! I really want to do this with my mom some day – I think she’d love traveling around with me and my sister. If only we could agree on a location!

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    Wow, what a beautiful relationship you have with your mom and such a great way to bond with each other.

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    Wow that sounds like such a great experience. Especially if you can share it with your Mom! I especially loved the different pictures that made the story come alive.

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    How thoughtful of you and your family to gift your mother with her dream destination. Looking forward to reading and seeing photos of your trip through the Canadian Rockies.

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    You are so right, I always think I must have done something good in my past life to be this lucky in this life. I love the photos, Canada is a beautiful country. I really enjoyed reading this post, I am sure to try your recommendations when I am in Canada next.

  • Brooke Herron

    This train ride sounds like such a fantastic idea! I almost did something like this when I was in Vancouver but since I was solo ended up opting not to-loved the city though and Stanley park what a beautiful place eh?

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    It’s so great that your family was able to plan and give your mother the train trip. She showed you how to travel and you were able to make one of her dreams a reality!

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    The very start of your article had me captured and i loved that you gave such a wonderful gift to your mother. I am sure you not only made her extremely happy, but also proud. These are memories to cherish forever.

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    There is a that says…a trip becomes extra special not because of where you travel, but who you travel with. What a memorable experience it would have been…bonding and sharing and spending dedicated time together 🙂 This is a great post.

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    Sorry for the loss of your father! But hey!! u did the best thing in the world..I respect the trip you planned for and with your mother. Loved the Gorgeours Vancouver city, Stanley park, capilano bridge..everything!! Looking forward for ur Canadian Rockies..

  • Amrita Sen

    It is really great to have parents who love travelling and it is equally great for them to have children who fulfil their travel dreams. It was so beautiful of you to take your mother on her dream trip. Btw, you both look awesome together. Keep on travelling!

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    Thanks for taking us on a virtual tour of Vancouver. The city looks so attractive with so many sightseeing options. Totem Poles in Stanley Park particularly interest me. They are so unique, haven’t seen anything like them anywhere else in the world. Will definitely visit when in Vancouver.

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    Your pictures look fantastic. It’s so great that you were able to do this with your mother. I would love to visit Canada, it’s on my list!

  • Christina

    Vancouver is a beautiful city and I have heard nothing but great things about the Fairmont even from someone who used to work there. I would have thought there were other cities that biked more to work but I guess I’m wrong. I like that the city tour included an outdoor portion. The suspension bridge would be really cool to walk across.

  • Kellyn

    Thanks for sharing. Vancouver is definitely one of those places at the top my bucket list for Canada, I already did Montreal now I’m ready for the west coast. I love the beautiful Totem Poles as well.

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    We have been planning a family trip to Vancouver so this was interesting to read. It looks like a beautiful city with lots to do. Especially I would like to see the totem poles in the Stanley Park. Also the adventure park looks cool.

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    I live in Vancouver- it’s always hearing about what visitors think about our city! Glad you liked your Canadian Rockies trip with your mum. Hopefully next time you’ll be able to spend more time in Vancity!

  • Bruce Schinkel

    I’m so glad you’re able to do that trip with your mother! My parents have been talking of doing something like that for years too, I just hope they don’t run out of time. I loved my visit there a few years back, and can’t wait to return.

  • Jas

    I’m definitely the same as you with regards to being fortunate enough to have loving parents who could provide for trips abroad. Looks and sounds like a great mother daughter trip and like Ivy, I’m from Vancouver too! I’m super glad to hear that you enjoyed Vancouver enough to want to revisit hahahaa (as a local really I feel there’s not much to do here – especially since most of the year it’s just rain and more rain.) Have fun on your Rockies trip!

    • travelbyasherrieaffair

      oh Vancouver is beautiful! Both my Mother and I would love to return. I’m in Florida and people tell me all the time how lucky we are. I’m like..I cant stand the heat!

  • Ami Bhat

    I love Vancouver through your eyes and I love the way you have traveled with your mom. I particularly enjoyed the Stanley park with those curious and vibrant totem poles. They look quite funky. I also, loved that bridge – was it quite stable? Learnt a few new things today and enough to plan an outing with my daughter and my mom together.

    • travelbyasherrieaffair

      Oh I hope you do! The bridge…I’m not sure, my legs were probably making it shake more then it was, lol

  • Marky Ramone Go

    Always a great experience to travel with your mom. I am glad you both enjoyed this trip to beautiful Vancouver 🙂

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