Lounge area of The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Hotel
The Waldorf Astoria Hotel Amsterdam the front of the hotel
The Waldorf Astoria Hotel Amsterdam

Perfection, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary the word is defined as; a quality or condition that cannot be improved.  Indeed, this is a “perfect” way to describe the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam hotel.  From the moment we are greeted outside by two gentlemen dressed very smartly we know the tone is set for a flawless holiday.

Checking in we are seated in elegant chairs in a private area. The staff is informative on all aspects of this grand hotel.  Just as we are about to be shown to our suite there is one more thing; we are asked to please choose from a display of glass perfume bottles the scent that we would like for our suite.  Perfection.

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Scents to choose for your room
Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Scents to choose for your room


The suite has a clean and crisp décor, adorn with tall windows Amsterdam homes looking over the canal.  The bathroom is equipped with custom robes, plenty of counter space, shower and a large tub to soak.  Our luggage was brought to us immediately with all questions answered we may have about our amenities.  My favorite was the vase of tulips awaiting us and a special box filled with two scrumptious cakes accompanied with apple juice! Oh, and the very personalized welcome letter.  Perfection.

The Hotel

From the grand piano, the flowers and the staircase ceiling the hotel itself is decorated and embellished with absolute class and splendor.  Our first night in Amsterdam we did not have reservations anywhere but the restaurant at the Waldorf Astoria kindly fit us in their schedule. Let’s just say, I am so happy they did! Kevin will be writing more on The Goldfinch Brassiere, simply delicious. Perfection.

Dining at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

While dining our second night in the Goldfinch Brassiere, yes once again we loved the food so much, we asked for help to obtain a reservation in their Two Star Michelin restaurant; Librije’s Zusje Amsterdam with Executive Chef Sidney Schutte.  Reservations can be difficult to get, but thanks to the manager of the Goldfinch we received a call the next day that we had reservations at 7:30 pm. Perfection!

So, there is one little fact to know, part of the bargain on receiving the reservation was that I was to play a little joke on the wait staff in the Librije’s Zusje.  When I asked for my choice in starter I was to request an appetizer from the Goldfinch instead.  You should have seen our waiters face!   I can just imagine what was running through his head- like how was he supposed to tell the famous chef I wanted something from a different restaurant! I couldn’t keep the joke going because I felt so bad, let’s just say I think our Manager in the Goldfinch will have a little pay back from the Librije’s Zusje waiters.

Chef Sidney Schutt- Librije’s Zusje

I do want to do a little spoiler before Kevin writes his article, I can’t help it, sorry Kevin!  I believe Chef Sidney Schutte at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is not only creative and artistic with his food, for he certainly is that and more.  But- he is some kind of genius chemist too!

At the end of the meal each table was brought chocolates on a white box.  Each were round with different colors drizzled over them. Since we were completely full, for the first time ever in my life I was about to turn down chocolate.  However, we noticed other guests tasting theirs; looking surprised, smiling and laughing.

Our waiter handed us the menu for the chocolates.  At first, I did not understand, it was our menu we chose for dinner and then it dawned on me.  Could it be?  Could this amazing Chef actually capture his deliciously tasting dishes in a piece of chocolate? How do you authenticate the exact flavor of scallops in a piece of chocolate? Well he did, and not only did he do that, he made it that your last taste was delightfully smooth chocolate.  Perfection!

Chocolates to finish off an unbelievable dinner! Chef Sidney Schutte is incredible. Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam
Chocolates to finish off an unbelievable dinner! Chef Sidney Schutte is incredible.
The Vault Bar at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam.
The Vault Bar at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam with save deposit boxes

Stop by the Vault Bar at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

Another surprise is visiting the Vault Bar.  Creative design using actual bank lockers behind the bar.  Written on currency in a leather wallet is where you can find your cocktail choices.  Keeping with the theme, snacks are served with your drinks, however you will have to open a safe to get to them!  Ask for a viewing of the actual vault where there are the safety deposit boxes from years ago stored.

Beautiful garden with bronze globe statue at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam
Beautiful garden of the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

The Gorgeous Gardens

The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is filled with surprises.  Step outside and you are in the largest private garden in Amsterdam. Filled with statues, flowers and fountains the garden is so peaceful that you soon forget you are in a city. Make sure you notice the beehives on the roof providing the hotel their honey.

Beautiful garden with small room to dine at Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam
Small dining area in the Beautiful garden of the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

Unfortunately, we did not have the time to make use of their Guerlain Spa which I have only heard amazing reviews.  But once again, just like my Mom has always told me to save room for dessert, I save things to do at my favorite places, so I can return!

Tulips brought to our room at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam
Tulips brought to our room at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

Day trip from Amsterdam

There is lots to see in Amsterdam and the nearby area; if you can tear yourself away form the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam take a day trip to the Netherlands own “Little Venice” Giethoorn!

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  • Lauren Pears

    Wow, what a stunning hotel! The Vault bar looks really cool as well, I may have to check it out next time I visit Amsterdam 🙂

  • Vanda

    This place looks perfect indeed! The room is gorgeous and seems so comfy. Definitely going to check this hotel next time I’m in Amsterdam 😉

  • Becki

    Woah! this place looks insane! I absolutley love that Vault Bar and the whole industrial design look of it! It’s worth a visit just to have drink ther!

  • Sue Davies

    Wow. Great experience. And I love the practical joke you played! Been to the Waldorf in NYC. Will have to check this out.

  • Anna

    What an experience you’ve had! I like to splurge every once in a while and this place would definitely do it. And the Michelin restaurant as well because I’m quite a foodie.

  • Sarah - Borders & Bucket Lists

    This sounds like such an amazing experience! The vase of tulips would be such a nice lil touch!

    • Everyday we found something special in our room waiting for us. Tulips are my favorite flower!

  • Simona

    Wow! This hotel looks absolutely amazing! Would love to go there one day! 🙂

  • Backpacking Series

    The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam hotel looks like THE place to stay. Making a note for future reference and recommendations.. love.. Backpacking Series.

  • Amy Chung

    Didnt’ even know there was a Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam! What a stunning hotel but one wouldn’t expect any less I suppose. Choosing your own secent is just pure decadence and I love the Vault Bar! So, so cool and so not a conventional Waldorf Astoria interior.

  • Deeptha

    The hotel looks stunning and the suite so luxurious. I liked the idea of being able to choose the scent for your room. So unique! And the garden is beautiful too, looks very peaceful!

  • Josy A

    This looks like a gorgeous place to stay and it sounds like you had a brilliant time! 🙂

  • Leah

    Waldorf Astoria looks incredible, so luxurious! I love the look of the vault bar, what a perfect review/guide.

  • Amy

    Oh my, I walked past this when I visited Amsterdam and it looked amazing! Great post, and I would
    Love to stay there one day 🙂

  • Smita Chandra

    That’s definitely luxury! Going to save my pennies for the next time I’m in Amsterdam!

  • David Alexander

    Looks stunning. I love it when a 5* hotel actually live up to your expectations, so many over the past few years have failed mine! Might have to check it out the next tine we swing by Amsterdam.

  • Katie

    Would love to stay somewhere as beautiful as this, the vault bar looks like it has the wow factor for sure 😊

  • Wandering life - Catarina Leonardo

    This place seems like an excellent experience!!! Love the bedrooms and the garden, really amazing. I imagine the price…

  • Claire

    What a dreamy place! I love a good luxurious hotel every now and then! We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria in New York and that was pretty special!

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