Valentines Week: London and the London Ritz

Valentine's Week:
London and The Ritz London Hotel

Spending Valentine’s week in London and Paris I would guess would be pretty much on top of many women’s bucketlist.  Being married to the best husband in the world I was treated to a luxurious Valentine’s week not only in London and Paris but staying at the Ritz London Hotel (visit site) and the Paris Ritz hotels! Yes, therefore- best husband in the world.  However, it even gets better…

London for Pre-Valentine’s Day

The this trip is going in the right direction from the start- enjoying champagne on our first class flight to London.  Flight and arrival are perfect, I love Global entry (a must if you want to get through customs quickly).  We take a taxi to our hotel and enjoy conversation with our taxi driver who happens to be from Portugal.  Finally we arrive at the Ritz London Hotel .

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The Ritz hotel in London
The Ritz hotel in London

There is something so iconic about the Ritz London Hotel.  You realize why as soon as you exit your car and are greeted by the Front Door/Greeter at the steps of this outstanding hotel.  They are very polite with their English accent, but it may surprise you they are truly not stuffy at all. In fact, we enjoyed our conversations during our stay with the gentleman outside.

Two Doormen standing outside at the Ritz London were wonderful and charming!
The Doormen at the Ritz were wonderful and charming!

Furthermore, as you enter the hotel the warm friendly greeting continues at the hotel desk.  Our room was ready and we are led to our elegant room by one of the front desk managers.  The luxury elegance of the Ritz London Hotel is astounding. Enjoy some beautiful music while you explore…

Video at the hotel

The Lobby at the Ritz London hotel
The Lobby at the Ritz London hotel
The Ritz spiral staircase in London
The Ritz staircase in London
Hallway at the Ritz London
Hallway at the Ritz London
Ritz tea room
Ritz tea room

Time to Shop

The next day we took a trip shopping in Harrods (read more)!  Everything was decorated in Pink, Pink and more Pink!

Harrods window shopping
Harrods window shopping
Harrods at Valentines week
Harrods at Valentines week

Walking Around London

I honestly was so excited to view the rest of the hotel and walk through my favorite park the St. James, I forgot to take photographs of our room!  Oh well, I guess I will have to return.  As I mentioned, St. James Park is my favorite, you can few the beautiful swans and Duck Island , Buckingham Palace, The Mall and more.  The St. James has always been a place my husband Kevin and I enjoy just strolling through at our own leisurely pace as we enjoy the sights of London. It is usually our first stop. Kensington Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abby and the London Eye is a must see.  Jump on a bus to really see London!

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy some of the fun named pubs throughout London.  You will find some of them decorated very interestingly, like Sherlock Holm pub.  There are many dessert places to enjoy in London, so make sure you save room!

London England view of the bridge and London Eye
London England view of the bridge and London Eye
Valentines Week: London and the London Ritz
Valentines Week: London and the London Ritz
Big Ben at night is beautiful!
Big Ben at night is beautiful!

Night Time In London

What seemed to be only a little shopping time, we surprisingly walk out to discover it was already dark out.  So we did a little exploring around London.  Seeing a few of our favorite sites.  For example, stopping in the Marriott near the London Eye for a drink, a little tradition of ours every time we are in London. The rest of the night was just enjoying this amazing city by walking it.  For this reason to  throughly enjoy London, you need to walk and walk.

Buckingham Palace area
Buckingham Palace area

London Theatre

The next day was the big day for me, enjoying High Tea at the Ritz London Hotel (read more). Indeed another bucketlist item checked off my list.  Later that night we went out on the town to see a play (another must in London).  The Book of Mormons. The show was filled with wonderful acting and singing.  I found it particularly funny when they mentioned Rochester New York a few times (my hometown).

London Theatre
London Theatre

Book of Mormons London

All in all, what a great start to my Valentine’s week wouldn’t you say? Moreover, now do you see why I call my husband the best husband in the world?! There is so much more to come in the next installment with Paris! Ooh La La Paris for Valentines week!

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Book of Mormons
Book of Mormons

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Valentine\'s Week in London and The Ritz London Hotel, what could be better?  Not much!  Go to London and see all the amazing sights; Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Harrods, enjoy the theatre and so much more!  London makes a great place for a weekend or holiday getaway.  #London #Valentines #Ritz

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  • PossesstheWorld

    Oh you are spoilt rotten, what a wonderful week! Thanks for sharing, I must give my hubby a nudge.

  • Verena

    This hotel looks awesome! Wants me to go to London again!!


  • Jen

    Valentine’s day is coming up! This looks like a great idea for a romantic getaway for that day.

  • Constance

    That looks like a great valentine’s day trip! What a beautiful hotel and great way to celebrate the holiday. Not gonna lie, I’m slightly jealous!

  • Shaily

    Wow! How romantic! The hotel looks beautiful with all that luxurious decor and nice ambience. Harrods looks like a great place to shop for Valentine’s day.

  • Yogita

    I love your style and I love London. Ritz is an amazing hotel. It sounds like you had a blast. A little romance and luxury on Valentines is always a good idea.

  • Lydia Smith

    I’ve not been a fan of red Val, so it’s interesting to me to read of a pink Val. I’ve always known London to be a romantic destination and even dreamt of a London proposal. I love the elegance taken into consideration for this hotel and it speaks of nothing less than love’s in the air. Like you, I agree it is the best place to spend Val. Your of Ritz pictures are sharp a clear

  • Sự Đinh

    so many places to visit. Couples will be very happy. By the way, I’m still single.

  • Paula - Gone with the Wine

    Ritz definitely looks awesome! Thanks for taking me in there, never seen what the inside looks like. I agree, coulnd’t find a better place for the Valentine’s than that. A great memory for a life for sure!

  • Bruce Schinkel

    Looks like an amazing time in London! I’d definitely stay at the Ritz after reading this. Everything about it looked amazing, especially how friendly the staff are.

  • Suma

    Ritz London Hotel looks every bit luxurious as it sounds. What a perfect way to spend the Valentine week in London! Trip to Harrods and the London Theatre is a must according to me while in London.

  • David

    Looks like an amazing trip (and yes, your husband set the bar pretty high for the rest of us guys, lol). I was in London on a few occasions but always traveled on the cheap. I was enjoyable to see a place as luxurious as the Ritz here, it certainly gives me motivation to go back someday. Wish you had a chance to post a picture of the room, would have liked to seen that.

  • Sam

    What a lovely experience! Valentine’s day at the Ritz sounds amazing and its something I would want to experience. Glad you had a lovely time 🙂

  • Niamh

    Great post. Ive never been to the Ritz but might have to get myself there one day for a treat…very fancy!

  • Marvi

    Awww.. Your husband is too sweet (and generous too! ;)) We are mostly on budget now when we travel, but often splurge for luxurious accommodations from time to time, too! 🙂 The hotel sounds fabulous and your walk around London super romantic.. Can’t wait to read more about your trip in Paris!

  • Nathan

    Looks like you enjoyed yourselves tremendously at the Ritz! I’m not the kind to splurge on accommodation, as I’d rather spend the cash on trying new cuisines, having new experiences and seeing new things. Nevertheless, the hotel looks really grand – glad you had fun! 🙂

  • DAnik

    I have to admit, as a local, I never been inside the Ritz, even for tea. This looks like a splendid place to check out (and splash the cash) and I am glad you guys had a great time here. Nice to get an inside view. 🙂

  • Nathalie

    Best husband indeed ?you’re one lucky girl…but I’m sure you are totally worth it! The Ritz looks totally fabulous and glad to hear the staff is courteous.

  • Aleksandra

    London is a beautiful place to spend valentines day and Christmas. So romantic with plenty sweet details. Would love to go to London’s theathre

  • neha

    I knew how the whole of London prepares for Christmas, But didn’t know there is an aura to the place come Valentine’s day. The hotel, the shops, every place seems to take a romantic indulgence on the occasion of London. Nice to know!

  • Ami Bhat

    This is that perfect staycation for a V day or even your anniversary. The hotel really emnates the old world British charm. I love that spiral staircase and the view below. And those gift shops that you have shared, wow! I wish we had that kind of a choice here.

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