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Weekend trip to Quebec City begins with a road trip

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I have been promising my Mother that I would take her to Quebec City for the last 2 summers.  Something always came up every time we made plans.  Well finally we were able to make the trip.  So leaving from her home in Rochester, New York, my Mother, cousin Cathy and I headed up to Quebec.  Of course no road trip would be complete or feel rewarding without obtaining a speeding ticket. Yes, one hour into the drive and I get pulled over. I have to say he was a very nice police officer and reiterated how he just wanted us to be safe on the road.  I felt like I just received a scolding from my Dad! Needless to say, I didn’t speed the rest of the trip 🙂

Are we there yet?

Being an 8 hour drive it was long, but we passed beautiful areas and interesting little towns.  Especially, Thousand Islands.  How have I never ventured here?  Crossing the bridge into Canada I was surprised on the view but no safe place to pull over.  No worries, I figure it out on the way home.  We finally entered Canada driving up the ON-401 and noticed right away all the signs are now in French.  There was a lot of construction on the road but it kept on moving.  Soon we began to see the signs for Quebec City.

Quebec City is a very unique and different.   You feel like you are in a village somewhere in France.  The food, the people and the architecture are reminiscent of France.  There is a lot of exploring to do in Quebec but if you only have a short weekend like we had, then you need to pack in the sights and quick.

Arriving not until 5:00 pm on Friday we didn’t have too much time or energy.  So after we checked into our hotel, the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, we headed outside to take in the views along the St. Lawrence river.  A beautiful boardwalk that you can just stroll along and see the cruise ships, the St. Lawrence of course and below you is Old town Quebec.  On the boardwalk you usually will find interesting street performers along the boardwalk in front of the Statue Samuel de Champlain.  Also this weekend the hotel has viewing windows where they have chefs making an enormous cake for a special occasion.

We decided to look for a local restaurant and we found a nice one called  D’Orsay (my favorite museum in Paris).  The food, atmosphere and service was very good.  French onion soup…yum!


Montmorency Falls

The next day we have planned to drive out to Montmorency Falls and the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré.  After our very filling breakfast buffet at the hotel we headed out.  It took us approximately 20 minutes on a Saturday morning drive. Following Google maps it led us to the upper falls parking lot.  You have to pay for parking but the park itself is free.  It was around $11.00 for our car.  We also purchased for $14.06 each a round trip cable car ride, that brings you to the bottom of the falls and back up.  If you want, you can also Zipline across the falls for $25.00. After exiting our car we went straight to the pathway that leads to the falls.  There is a restaurant here, The Manoir Montmorency,  however this trip we unfortunately did not have the time to take a leisurely lunch.

The walk along the path to the falls is high up of course and looking down is not for anyone who has a fear of heights.  There are great photo opportunities from all different angles!  You will also see the cables for the daring ones who Zipline the falls and across the way you view the stairs that lead down the falls.

The first time I came to the falls, six year sago, I was too chicken to cross the suspension bridge.  So it went on the bucketlist.  I am happy to say I was able to make a nice big fat check mark on my bucketlist!  I’m not a fan of heights but this time with more people around it did not seem so intimidating.  Of course as usual my Mother did it without any hesitation.

Falls In Motion        Falls Video      videos of this spectacular falls!  These are short videos because my legs were shaking and I couldn’t really concentrate on what I was doing!   I felt like I accomplished enough as far as heights goes for the day, so the climb down the staircase on the other side, skipped it and I’m okay with that!  Next we used our tickets to take the cable ride down to see the views from the front of the falls.

I love this photograph I took, it captures the rainbow affect the water has and you can see how magnificent the falls really are.   Montmorency Falls are 272 feet tall and believe it or not that is one and half times taller than Niagara Falls!  At the bottom of the falls you will find rest rooms, snack bar and additional parking.  Next, we headed back up in the cable car to take one last photo op before our next stop.

Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré

Next up, the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré.  Pulling up by car you get this overwhelming feeling that is is a very special place.  I could not wait to cross the courtyard area to photograph this architectural piece of art in full!  The day was beautiful, sun shining and blue skies.  The details are best told by going directly to the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré web site.  Here you will read in detail the healings that have taken place, the meaning of all the details in the architecture exterior and interior.    I hope you enjoy some of my photographs of this extraordinary and special Basilica.

The Shrine of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré

Time to Shop in Old Quebec City

Last but certainly not least, is a visit below to Old Quebec City and we get to ride in the funicular! The funicular brings you from the boardwalk area outside the Fairmont down to Old Quebec City area.  You can choose to take stairs but from the looks of people coming back up it’s quite a hike!

This is where you really get to see some old buildings that have been transformed into the most unique little shops.  So much fun to take a peak and stroll through these shops.  Fur, cooking items, toys, touristy items, clothes, hats, and pretty much anything else will be found here.

Weekend over…

We decided to get up early Sunday morning and head back before the traffic gets heavy.  We had a nice girls trip, lots of talks in the car, great food, beautiful views, spiritual moments and of course a speeding ticket….

P.S.:  I did not forget to get my photograph of the Thousand Islands.  It was a little more of a dangerous and scary photo to capture then I was anticipating, but I got it!  Even with the 18 wheelers zooming by me on the bridge!  It has been added to my bucket list for hopefully a get away next summer!

Thousand Islands
Thousand Islands

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  • Dany

    You got me at “road trip”! I second the fact that when the drive is very long you can stop from time to time just to have a little break and explore. Besides, it seems there are so many nice towns on the road!

    • travelbyasherrieaffair

      Totally agree! I always find myself in a little bit of hurry. I am really wanting to take a road trip again like this but stop more along the way.

  • Liliane Fawzy

    Gorgeous pictures! I’m slightly ashamed that I’ve been in Toronto for the last 15+ years and have yet to make it to Quebec. This is a great weekend itinerary though so definitely saving this!

  • Daniela Fries

    I’d really love to visit Quebec and practice some French. Though I’m afraid that everyone speaks perfect English. And I’d love to see the Montmorency Falls and cross that bridge.

    • travelbyasherrieaffair

      Actually the people in Quebec would rather speak French. So it is a prefect place to practice your French 🙂

    • Rich

      You will have plenty of chances to practice French in Quebec. While some people speak English, they still prefer French. There are also many others who do not speak English at all.
      In bigger cities, like Quebec City, you find more English speaking people. However, in the country, you will be lucky to find any.

  • Ketki

    Zipling across the Montmorency Falls sounds fun and also the view of the falls looks incredible. All the photos are extremely gorgeous especially the Basilica 🙂

  • Don

    Wow! Nice, thanks for sharing. The rainbow at the Montmorency Falls looks magical!

  • Dany

    We’ve been planning to explore more Canada in 2018 so this post was very useful! Also how cool that you can get a cable car ride to the Montmorecy Falls, the lazy part of me approves!

  • PossesstheWorld

    We would love to visit Quebec and Quebec city, hopefully next year we will get the chance. French Onion soup at D’Orsay, also my favourite in Paris, sounds delightful. Thanks for the tips

  • Siddharth and Shruti

    As we were scrolling through the post, we were saying oh, this one is our favourite, no wait this one is so beautiful! You have captured Quebec so well. The falls look amazing! 272 feet tall! Wow! The painting on the ceiling at the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré is so pretty!

    • travelbyasherrieaffair

      Thank you very much, your words are so kind! Quebec is beautiful and I hope you will be able to experience it too!

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